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Are there limits for deposits made through Mobile Deposit?

Mobile Deposit limits are:

  • 20 checks per month;
  • $3,000 per day; and
  • $7,500 per month.

Do I need to use a deposit slip to make a deposit through Mobile Deposit?

No. We will use what is called a substitute (or electronic) deposit slip to post the deposit to your account. You will only need to take a picture of the front and bank of the check being deposited.

How do I request Mobile Deposit?

Login to Bank Anywhere from your computer and select the Mobile Deposit tab and follow the instructions on the screen.

May I enroll more than one account for Mobile Deposit?

Yes. You may enroll as many checking accounts as you like for Mobile Deposit as long as the accounts qualify.

Should I endorse my check before taking a picture?

No. We will add a standard endorsement to your check as we process it.

What do I do with the check after I deposit it through Mobile Deposit?

Once you verify that the funds have been applied to your account correctly, you should shred the check.

What do I need in order to use Simmons Bank Mobile Deposit?

To use the Simmons Bank Mobile Deposit service you must have the following:

  • An active Simmons Bank Anywhere account with Mobile Banking enabled; and
  • The most recent version of the Simmons Bank app for the iPhone, iPad or Android.

What is Simmons Bank Mobile Deposit?

Simmons Bank Mobile Deposit allows you to deposit checks to any of your Simmons Bank checking accounts using the camera on your mobile phone or tablet. Using the Simmons Bank App for the iPhone or Android, login to your Bank Anywhere, online banking, and select the Deposit icon. Select the account where the deposit should credit, enter the amount of the check and take a picture of the front and back of the check.

What type of checks can I deposit with Mobile Deposit?

Checks made payable to you and drawn on a bank within the United States can be deposited through Mobile Deposit. Some business size checks (the long ones) do not work with Mobile Deposit.

For a complete list of payment/check types which cannot be deposited with Mobile Deposit please see the Simmons Bank Mobile Deposit Terms & Conditions.

When will funds be made available to me from deposits made by Mobile Deposit?

Mobile Deposits will generally be made available to you on the business day following the deposit date. Provisional credit is not granted for Mobile Deposits.

Who do I call if I still have questions?

Contact Bank Anywhere Customer Support toll free at 866.246.2400 between 7:30 AM and 6:00 PM each banking day, and 8:00 AM to noon on Saturday.

Who is eligible to use Simmons Bank Mobile Deposit?

Simmons Bank Mobile Deposit is available to Simmons Bank customers who have:

  • The most recent Simmons Bank for iPhone or Android app and have enrolled in Simmons Bank Mobile Banking;
  • An active Simmons Bank account with a positive balance for at least 90 days;
  • No more than 2 returned deposited items (chargebacks) in the last 90 days;
  • Demonstrated financial responsibility with all Simmons Bank accounts.