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Simmons' new mobile app provides many features to help you to stay on top of your finances. To help you get familiar with the new app, we've answered some of the most frequently asked questions and created app simulator demos so you can explore the new app without worry that you'll negatively impact your own account.

Learn more about the new mobile app.


Install the App for Apple Devices

Learn how to search for the app in the Apple store and install it on your iPhone or iPad.

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Install the App for Android Devices

Learn how to search for the app in the Google Play store and install it on your Android device.

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Set Up Two-Factor Authentication

Keep your mobile banking secure by learning how to set up two-factor authentication.

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App Navigation Overview

Learn how to customize your mobile banking experience by exploring the app's navigation and features.

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Customize Your Profile

Personalize your profile by learning how to add a picture and your most up-to-date information.

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Manage Security Settings

Keep your mobile banking secure by learning how to set up Touch ID or Face ID.

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Add a Payee

Learn how to add a company or a person as a payee.

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Pay a Bill

Quickly pay bills through mobile banking.

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Pay an Individual

Quickly send money to another person through mobile banking.

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Set Up Alerts

Secure your account with balance and transaction alerts.

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Manage Your Accounts

Learn how to view and organize your accounts.

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Make a Mobile Deposit

Learn how to deposit a check directly from your mobile device.16

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Transfer to a Simmons Account

Learn how to transfer money between your Simmons Bank accounts.

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Send Money to Non-Simmons Account

Learn how to send money to a non-Simmons account, also known as an external transfer.

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Make Line of Credit Payments

Learn how to make a payment to your Simmons Bank loan or line of credit.

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Set Up eStatements

Learn how to receive statements electronically.

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View eStatements

Learn how to view electronic documents through mobile banking.

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Change eStatement Settings

Learn how to update settings for electronic statements.

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Reset Your Login Information

Change your login information whenever you want by learning to reset your username and password.

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Q: Why are we getting a new app?

A: Improving your mobile banking experience is a top priority for Simmons Bank and we've simply outgrown the capabilities of the current app, in order to deliver the best digital banking experience. The new Simmons Bank mobile app will be more powerful to provide more advanced features, more often.

Q: What improvements can I expect from the new app?

A: Get ready for a faster, more secure and more customizable mobile banking experience than ever before. The new Simmons Bank mobile app will be more powerful and provide industry-leading features like improved security with two-factor authentication and the ability to customize app features the way you want them. To learn more about what to expect from the new mobile app, click here.

Q: When will the new app be available?

A: October 16, 2019

Q: When will the current app go away?

A: There will be a 30-day transition period October 16 - November 15, 2019, to allow all existing Simmons Bank mobile app users plenty of time to delete the old Simmons Bank app and download the new Simmons Bank app. After the transition period, the old app will be decommissioned and will no longer work.

Q: Who is eligible to use the new Simmons Bank mobile app?

A: Existing Simmons Bank customers currently using Simmons' online and/or mobile banking are eligible to download and begin using the new app beginning October 16, 2019. Customers currently logging into the "Former Southwest Bank" online banking login will have access to the new Simmons Bank mobile app beginning January 13, 2020. New customers not currently enrolled in online and/or mobile banking with Simmons Bank will need to first enroll in online banking by filling out this form.

Q: Are there any special requirements to run the new app?

A: Yes. The new, more powerful app requires current operating systems for Apple (iOS 10 or greater) or Android (version 5.0 or greater).

Q: How do I get the new app? Do I simply update the current app?

A: The new app is not simply an update to the current app - it's an entirely new and improved app that will need to be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store beginning October 16, 2019. After you've logged into the new app and are comfortable using it, you can safely delete the old Simmons app from your mobile device and continue using the new app. Click here to download the new Simmons Bank Mobile App.

Q: How do I sign into the new app?

A: If you're an existing Simmons Bank customer already logging into online banking and/or using the previous mobile app, you can login to the new app using your existing login credentials. If you're having trouble logging in, please click "Forgot Password" in the new mobile app.

Q: Will deleting the old app delete my bank account information?

A: No. Deleting the old app will just ensure that you don't accidentally try and use that app after the transition period ends on November 15, 2019. Your financial information and transaction history will remain securely stored in your online banking account. The mobile app just allows a quick and easy way to access that account.

Q: What if I accidentally delete the wrong app?

A: Simply return to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and re-download the "Simmons Bank" app. You'll know you're downloading the correct app when you see the word "BANK" below Simmons' logo in the app icon image.

Q: How do I logout of the new app?

A: The new app's security features actually log you out of the app anytime the app is closed, so there's no need to find and click a "Logout" button or link within the app. To close the app on iPhone X and newer, simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen. For iPhone models prior to version X and for Android devices, press the Home button. If you close the app, you're securely logged out and will have to re-enter your login credentials or use your fingerprint or Face ID to log back in.

Q: Will my existing transfers automatically convert to the new app?

A: No. Existing transfers should continue to be managed in online banking at until online banking is upgraded in early 2020. If you want to manage all transfers from the mobile app, you can do that by setting up transfers in the new app and deleting existing transfers in online banking.

Q: Can I receive text alerts from the new app?

Yes. However, you will need to setup your alert preferences in the new app. Select the account(s) for which you would like to receive alerts; select “Alert preferences” from the menu; and configure balance and transaction alerts to be received by email, text message and/or in-app message.

Q: Will online banking be updated, as well?

A: Online banking will be updated in 2020. More information will be provided as we approach that date. The good news is, the new online banking platform will function similarly to the new mobile app, so you should already have some familiarity before that change occurs.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please email or call 1-866-246-2400. One of our customer care representatives will be happy to assist.


Please be aware that Simmons Bank will never contact you to verify private information such as account numbers or login credentials. If you receive a suspicious call, text or email, contact Simmons Bank at 1-866-246-2400 or email to report the incident.

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16 Data connection required. Wireless carrier fees may apply. Mobile deposit is available to Simmons Bank online and mobile banking customers who are at least 18 years of age and have: The most recent Simmons Bank App for iPhone, iPad or Android; An active Simmons Bank deposit account with a positive balance for at least 90 days; No more than 2 returned deposited items (chargebacks) in the last 90 days; Demonstrated financial responsibility with all Simmons Bank accounts.
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