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Realizing your dreams takes hard work, dedication and the power of compounding interest. Select an account that's right for you and your special dreams.

Simmons Bank offers you one of the most convenient ways to bank, Simmons Bank online banking. The Simmons Bank online banking service incorporates the highest level of security available. These tips will help keep your financial information secure when using Simmons Bank online banking:

  • Select a Password that is not easily guessed.
  • Do not use the same Password for Simmons Bank online banking that you use on other Internet sites.
  • Simmons Bank will NEVER contact you for your Password. If you are contacted for your Password, please let our e-Banking Department know by calling toll free 1-866-246-2400.
  • Do NOT disclose your Password to anyone.
  • Do not write down your Password.
  • Do not leave your computer unattended with your Simmons Bank online banking session open. You should always logout of your session before leaving your computer.

How Simmons Bank helps protect your privacy:

  • Simmons Bank online banking ID and Password. You must use the correct combinations of ID and Password to access your Simmons Bank online banking account. You have the option to change your Password as often as you like.
  • Personal Icon. The first time you log in to Simmons Bank online banking you will select an image (Personal Icon) that will display each time you log in. Seeing your Personal Icon each time you log in lets you know that you are on the Simmons Bank online banking web site.
  • Personal Verification Questions. We will ask you to answer three challenge questions only you know the answer to. If you sign in from a computer you don’t normally use, we will ask you the questions to confirm your identity. We may also ask the questions if you request an unusual transaction while logged in to Simmons Bank online banking.
  • Technology. Simmons Bank online banking utilizes the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol to communicate with your computer. TLS is the successor to Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol and protects data in three ways:

Authentication – Keeps another server from impersonating the Simmons Bank online banking server.
Encryption – Scrambles the data while it is being transferred.
Data Integrity – Verifies that the information sent by your computer to Simmons Bank was not altered during the transfer. If any tampering is detected, the connection is dropped.

  • Simmons Bank online banking limits the transfer of account numbers over the Internet. When you enroll in Simmons Bank online banking, we ask you to give each of our accounts a “nickname.” We transmit and display only those nicknames over the Internet whenever possible. Note: Account numbers may be displayed when viewing check/deposit images or previous statements through Simmons Bank online banking.
  • Automatic Sign Off. If there is no activity on your Simmons Bank online banking account for ten (10) consecutive minutes, the Simmons Bank online banking server will automatically sign you off