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Having access to liquid assets helps ensure your business runs smoothly when met with cash or collateral obligations. Our liquidity management services offer solutions to help you consolidate funds and manage your liquid assets effectively.



Simmons Bank Consolidated Banking allows you to utilize one checking account for all of your locations that bank with Simmons Bank so you have fewer accounts to maintain and can save on service fees from other institutions.


Simmons Bank's Zero-Balance Account (ZBA) service eliminates the need to monitor and manually transfer funds for your company's collection or disbursement accounts. You can transfer instructions to Simmons Bank using Simmons Bank Anywhere where we will then collect funds via ACH from your company's remote locations before sending you a collected credit on the following day.


Cash Concentration lets you consolidate funds from multiple domestic institutions into a single, Simmons Bank account via ACH transfers to give you more control over your cash and minimize idle balances.